Even if nobody else sings along...


And the robogods looked down from their icy heavens and bestowed upon The 'Crack some hopefully working templates.


Livejournal Ident works.

Typekey Ident works.

Working templates make me moist. They should make us all moist.

Ok, why didnt this work. Is it saving the comment for moderation?

It was me. That was interesting. It did say it was saved for moderation. And that was using my flickr OpenID. I wonder if there is more config to be done on Flickr to get a proper "name" or if that's on the MT side.

Try #2 (after configuring something on the Flickr end)

Or at least chop off the protocol from the front. If you "grow your own" openID (your own site), it could be A LOT shorter than some of the freebies.

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