As bad as force feeding pork to a vegan.


Over 18 hours of excruciatingly poor and painful storytelling.

Did you know that being forced to watch Transformers Energon was used as torture by the Nazis?


I read that somewhere.


For the love of Primus! I've only seen like three or four episodes and I could not take any more. Just bad. My six-year old loved it, ...and I guess that's the way it should be. I really like Animated, though. Lots of G1 shout-outs.

Worse than RiD? Or the first set of Armada discs?

Just wondering? Both of those were painful. You know, I have most of Energon's toys but I never watched an episode. The trial of not having cable. Or perhaps the good fortune.

If it dragged you back into the hobby, that is certainly something in its favour. I just wrapped up watching the entire series arc on DVD in the summer (I picked up both Region 2 sets in London in June) and found it difficult slogging, particularly after the joy that is BW and relative joy that is BM.

So you know I'll buy Energon just to see for myself. But I am not expecting Shakespear.

What do you find appealing about RiD?

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