Regrets... I've had a few...

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So I'm patiently waiting for the new plastic crack to arrive.

It has been a long time since I've purchased anything new. Hell. It was back in May I think.

Yeah. I know I put things on hiatus when I decided to put the House of Love on the market but let's be honest about it... I'm an addict. And while I may have avoided having a cigarette for the past 109 days, staying off the plastic crack is actually far worse.

Hotshot, Scourge, Optimus Prime

So my earlier order of last week consists of Hotshot, Overhaul, Crumplezone, Optimus Prime, Scattershot, and Thundercracker.

My later order consists of Jetfire, Scourge, Ransack, Landmine, and a G1 Reissue Skids.

That's a whole lotta non-vintage crack all at one time. I mean, it isn't as bad as that box of 75 Beast Wars figures I won (althought that was much much cheaper) but it still is a lot.

Since the Attic of Love™ is currently defunct and boxed up I figure I'll keep these in my office at work. Of course, my desk shelf will have to be christened the Shelf of Love™ so as to not offend the great plastic gods whose function is to guard the display of toys and other nonsense.

My office needs a little bit of cracky goodness to liven it up. Other than my huge almost full wall Cure Boys Don't Cry Poster and a pictures of my 2nd Cousin Once Removed and the Hoont it is pretty devoid of character.

I mean, sure there are software boxes everywhere and currently a scanner and a few Macs and PCs littering the floor but the place is just devoid of adequate geekiness.

These new bots'll have to do. Hell, I'll pull out Takara Vector Prime, Starscream, and Nitro Convoy and bring 'em in too.

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