I wish I was done with the house.


The exterior work began today with the front porch being scraped and prepped for priming and painting.

I was able to get a dual 3-way switch on order so hopefully it'll be for me to pick up Friday and all the electric will be done in the living room.

I really over extended myself today at the gym but I really felt like I've hit a wall. I ran again but this time I pushed the speed up and man oh man are my knees feeling it. The aspirin hasn't kicked in yet at all.

Sucks to be me sometimes.

But... and super mega props go out to Mr and Mrs Boneyliscious who snagged a free Hasbro Skywarp give-away for me while they were out at the San Diego Comic Con this past week! I practically pant-hooted this morning when I got the email about it.

Speaking of plastic crack, behold the Alternator Sunstreaker goodness. Fina-fucking-ly!

In other news, Galaxy Force Blender is sort of a cement-mixerish thing. Can't say I like the "arm" much.

Galaxy Force Moledive is also just too non-descript for my tastes but he's quite large on the scale chart. But man oh man... look at that Megalo Convoy. He's going to be massive!!!


What's with all the funky earth-boring construction robots? I thought *Rumble* was weird.

Sunstreaker, on the other hand, is pure joy. I've been buying 80% of the Alternators line, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Y'know... these aren't supposed to be earth vehicles, so I really don't have a problem with them not looking like real vehicles.

Here's an idea for Has/Tak though... hire some automotive design students to design some realistic car shapes and use those for the next series. Get back to "Auto"bots.

Isn't that what the Alternators are for?

And Megalo-Convoy is going to be about the size of Galaxy Convoy and Bat-Megatron. They just issued the size chart to show their size in terms of the show.

You are right about the size. I forgot I was looking at a model sheet.

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