Just another crack-related post.


Ok. Just another crack-related post.

So Binaltech Prowl will be making his appearance shortly and the Alterator version either right before or right after. It used to be easy to tell but Hasbro now seems to release Alternators quicker then their Takara equivalents.

I gotta say that Prowl has grown on me and I'm pretty sure he'll be a decent figure.

I was a bit put off by the transformation at first. Not that it isn't good or anything since I'm all for new transforms on these guys. I'm just not pleased with the aesthetics of the "chest" being the whole hood. I don't know why but it from certain angles it just isn't pleasing to me.

Yeah. I was hoping for Prowl to have been done from the Subaru mold (originally for Smokescreen) but that would have meant yet another repaint and there already have been a ton of those. I mean we only got 3 (2 Smokescreen and Silverstreak) in the States but Takara has released like 4 versions of Smokescreen and one of Streak. A little too much reworking of the same thing (though they are using the damn Corvette and Mazda RX-8 mold too much already).

I think Prowl will be a good fit and will grow on me as time goes on.


Now of course I said earlier I wasn't please with Galaxy Force and hence wouldn't be buying much of Cyberton and while I didn't lie, I did end up buying a shitload of Cybertron stuff online.

It once again comes back to the aesthetics of the design for me and this new line is no exception.

I haven't really loved TF designs since the original items in Car Robots back in 2000.

I liked about 4 molds in Armada/Micron Densetsu, 5 or so in Energon/Superlink, and really so far only 4 in Cybertron/Galaxy Force.

There's definitely a consistency of design in the new line but the continued fact that the bots turn into "-ish" alt modes is a major bummer for me.

By "-ish" molds I mean they are vaguely car-ish, jet-ish, this or that-ish, but they really aren't anything that exists in our reality. Of course, that's what the Binaltech/Alternator line is for but as an adult crack collector, it is a sensibility I need in all my TFs really.

The original charm of the Diaclone-based G1 Transformers and many Micromasters, and even the original Beast Wars characters, is that they transformed into more or less "reality"-based designs. This gives the whole "robots in disguise" gimmick value to me. (Of course, after Season 2 of G1 they'd exhausted all but the Raiden combiner and Hasbro didn't bring that stateside.)

Car Robots introduced a lot of realism with Fire Convoy and God Magnus and the Autobot brothers and I thrive on that aspect.

The last 3 lines have just relied on the "ish" modes, no doubt due to licensing costs, but it really has affected my enjoyment of the final product.

I am looking forward to Galaxy Force Chromia who definitely has an "ish" form though. But I like the way the feminine bot is part of the overall design for her.

Galaxy Force Roadstorm also is pretty nice even though he more or less suffers from the various Beast Wars-era "head and ass on shoulder" syndrome. His bike mode rocks balls though!

Hell. Takara needs to license some Honda or Harley-Davidson designs and make a series of bike bots for Binaltech. That'd be... how does one say... totally tits!


Chromia = Nightboat.

"Look Spike! A fjord!"

Bikes rarely translate well to robots. Except the Cyclones in Mospaeda, and those were more frame and less robot.

Need I remind you of Cy-kill? Or Groove? We've already expressed out displeasure with Sideways. . . Road Rocket's not bad, but that's about it. . .

I like Axer and Sideways, the G2 Lasercycles rereleased in RID.

Armada Sideways does suck. Arcee doesn't.

Cykill sucks. I don't think this Roadstorm sucks that much.

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