Super Unhappy Gay Pride Galaxy Convoy?

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Ugh. Some Japanese magazines get exclusive Transformers that are merely repaints. There's a trend in Japan of all solid gold metallic, all silver or pewter, and all black repaints. It looks good on some bots and bad on others.

However, Super Unhappy Gay Pride Galaxy Convoy is going to suck balls of such magnitude... well... just kidding.

The picture is just for the magazine to imply that it could be any color. It is a contest in which a winner will pick the color.

Yeah. Lame. But way better than Super Unhappy Gay Pride Galaxy Convoy!

Note To Reality: More than 3-4 colors, rainbow colors, and "tie-dye" style needs to be purged. There is such a thing as "colors all over the place" and nature itself doesn't even do this. Please see repto-avian Galaxy Force Terashaver for example of bad color choices.

Actually, that picture of Convoy actually reminds me of a trip I had back in college.

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Good Lord! It looks like Prime became a hippie after Energon, or the Trix Rabbit got a super mode!

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