But can I make the DVD out of shit too?


So I had my problems with the first episode of Transformers: Cybertron that aired Saturday.

But I've come across perhaps the funniest way to describe it from message board post made by Solidus Prime.

The impression I get is that this is the cartoon equivalent of making a box out of poop, then crapping in it.
Now even I think that you gotta give the series a few more episodes before saying that. I mean Transformers: Energon was a total prune juice induced bowel movement in the scheme of poorly dubbed import animation!!! Cybertron needs 3 or 4 more episodes to get that bad.

Then again, they did skip the first 3 episodes of the source material. Perhaps that should count for something?


Making a box out of poop and then crapping in it seems a trifle redundant to be a comparison, unless the show itself is redundant.

Besides, it keeps reminding me of the episode of Mr. Show where the founding fathers design the flag so it's impossible to poop on. Ben Franklin makes a flag out of poop so that there's no point in pooping on it.

Oh my god! I've never seen that one! That's funny as hell.

I have that on DVD. It starts when a performance artist sues because his right to free speech is infringed upon by a flag that you can't poop on. So a flag expert appears as a witness and has everyone in the courtroom take drugs so they can vividly imagine what the design meeting was like. Abraham Lincoln is there. It's awesome.

"But why the 50 stars?"-Washington

"That's for every playmate I've slept with!"-Lincoln

Did you know Tom Kenny and Jill Talley are married?

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