I can't say I'm thrilled with the first preview!


Not to sound like a plastic crack pissy pants but man I'm less than thrilled with the first preview image of one of the Botcon exclusives.

I can't say I'm much of a fan of any of the non-show appearing Beast Wars toys and I've got an entire box of these types of guys I won as a lot when I was trying to complete my Beast Wars needs. (You should see the Falcon/Hammerhead shark Airhammer fuzor piece of shit for how bad some of these designs are!

If the exclusives end up being a lot of these miscellaneous crappy Beast Wars figures I'm not only going to be super mega balls upset but I'll also feel as if I really got ripped off.

But it would of course be my own total fault.

I'm the one that pre-ordered the figures before seeing them. I'm the one that pre-ordered a 2nd set of the damn things.

Here's hoping that out of the 8 exclusives at least 4 will be something I'll really like and will be worth the cost.

I've a gut feeling that some of these will be smaller than Buzzclaw and at $20 each that will really make me mad as hell.

Hell. We still have NO FUCKING IDEA who the guests will be or which vendors will even be there. This show could be a massive waste of dinero for me. (But I'll always have Casino Night to share with Mr. E.)


And, of course, my intense jealousy that I have nowhere near the chedda to do that.

It's my money, and if I want to do something stupid with it I will. I think that's the philosophy you need to embrace at this point. Mostly because it's already paid for.

I know you are going to be supremely disappointed if you can't rock to the tunes of Vince DiCola!

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