A plastic crack update. Not that you care.


I'm kind of slacking this afternoon. I got home about 90 minutes ago and instead of changing clothes and painting and finishing the kitchen I came up to the attic and have been reading all of my favorite blogs and crack shit. And remember... just because I haven't been commenting on your site doesn't mean I don't read you. Now that I don't read sites at work I kind of have to play catch up once or twice a week so I don't have time to comment on everything I want to. Not that my comments really have any value or anything.

And Giga found me an Alternator Swerve the other day. That raises the crack total.

current figure acquired: 1353rd (Alternator Swerve)
current figures in attic: 1345
projected additions: 175
projected total: 1520
number sold: 9

I need to sell more and buy the ones I really want.


"Projected additions"? How far into the future are you going here?

That includes everything that I "want" to complete my collection.

I think you have your quotes in the wrong place. It's not "want," it's "complete!"

I'm thinking 2k by 2k6!

We need to make t-shirts or something to commemorate the upcoming milestone. I will need to think on this some more to come up with a kick ass design. Then you can sell them on cafe press to further fuel your habit. It's a win-win situation I tell ya.

I take it, then, that you're over the long dark night of the soul that occurred when you started packing them all up?

Well. If we know it won't be possible to sell the house by the end of August I'm going to dig 'em all out until we do sell.

You know, if somebody had told me 10 years ago that you would eventually have close to 1500 Transformers, I would have told them they were crazy. And I probably would have bought you shelving units each year as gifts.

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