All the shit I'll never have.

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Since it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere of this planet that means Takara is unveiling exclusives aplenty.

All the shit I'll never have.


These are the first Lucky Draw Gold and Silver Repaints I'd ever want to own. Galaxy Convoy just looks totally titz in silver.

I can't say that the Exclusive "Skylynx" Flame Convoy works for me. That color scheme just doesn't cut it.

I want this cutout/stand for the Attic of Love!

I'll probably try to acquire the TV-magazine Dark Nitro Convoy exclusive too. I'm a sucker for the darker and/or mostly black repaints for some reason.

No doubt because I like black Transformers because I feel black on the inside much the same way I wear black on the outside too.

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Never really cared for the superchrome figures, considering how easily the chrome chips and wears on just partially chromed ones.

And way to paraphrase Morrissey.

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