Move along. There's only text about plastic crack to read.


Only crack lovers need bother.

So I opened up yesterday's new crack last night.

Surprisingly some good stuff.

Cybertron Hot Shot
As long as I don't believe Hasbro's attempt to confuse this character with the one that appeared in Armada and Energon I really like him. Hell, I'll even go so far as to always call him by his Galaxy Force name Excillion.

Excillion's "ish-mode" is car-ish with an adequate but not all that exciting color scheme.

Exclusive G1 Hot Rod inspired ExcillionTakara's exclusive G1 Hot Rod inspired repaint that is shipping with Volume 1 of the Galaxy Force DVD is superior in all sense of the word and rumor has it Hasbro will release that version as "Cybertron Hot Shot" in the near future.

All in all a solid bot and 1000 times better than the previous incarnations of the character in Hasbro-continuity.

Cybertron Crumplezone
Crumplezone suffers from major "ish" mode problems in my book. He's essentially a car-ish tricycle-ish Anakin Skywalker podracer thing. That's his major fault. He doesn't know what he wants to be!

I like the fact that the Speedia (I refuse to call it Velocitron *shivver*) natives have a definite design aesthetic. Nitro Convoy also has the same aesthetic as Crumplezone but is a superior design.

If I had had a chance to really see the bot and alt mode I probably would have skipped this one.

Cybertron Optimus Prime
Cybertron Optimus Prime
While a bit of a design clutter-fuck, the new Optimus Prime is essentially a little bit of many previous Primes over the past few years. This is both a negative and a positive to me as the clutter, while all over him, is mostly removeable.

You've got a Big Convoy head, an Optimus Primal face, a Super God Ginrai winged flight mode, Super Fire Convoy attachments, and even an Armada Prime thing going on with the body.

Of course, Prime transforms into a truck-ish alt mode as expected.

Nice. Solid. But I probably should have waited for him to come down to $25 like he'll be in 5 months.

Cybertron Thundercracker
This horrible stinker is essentially crap to me and I wish I wouldn't have gotten him.

The beautiful alt mode is definitely inspired by modern jets but his bot mode just is super-mega-blah to me. And his transformation is basically the same as G2 Smokescreen's, Energon Starscream, and a variety of smaller jets over the years with the legs/feet being very much like a >a href="" target="_blank">chameleon's feet.

I wouldn't even want this guy repainted as G1 Seeker homages.

Cybertron Scattorshot and Cybertron Overhaul
What can I say? I can never knock the cheapest of the brand and these basics are so far very good.

Overhaul's a little bulky and I wish some of his pieces would fold onto his arms and legs but hey, he's a basic!

Scattorshot rocks too. I love his all-terrain-ish alt mode that is vaguely reminiscent of some GI Joe vehicles from the 80s.

Overall, with all the figures, my only real complaint is with the gimmick.

You get this Hasbro-named "Cyber Planet Keys" (renamed from Galaxy Force Force Chips) and they fit into the figures, even the basics, and launch a weapon, turn on a sound effect, or some such other crap. I don't mind them at all since they really don't detract from the figures like the awful Armada mini-con ports or the Energon power-linking.

But there's no place to put them on the figure that doesn't activate the damn "special" feature.

I've got a handful of the force chips in a zip lock bag since they'll be the first thing to disappear into the void of the Attic of Love's mess. It would be nice to be able to fit them into their slots as "place holders" without the gimmick being activated.

That's really my only complaint overall with these guys.


The 2nd order with about 5 other Cybertron figures should be on the Porch of Love when I arrive home.

I can't wait for Jetfire!!!


No Supreme Starscream? ; )

After all the generic similarities in body type from Energon, I liked the top heavy aspect of Crumplezone. And his jaw actually moves. I digs that.

Jetfire looks great in both modes but has problems standing depending on how he's positioned.

Scourge looks great in both modes, but is pretty simple for such a large bot. And his force chip activation is kinda bleh.

My biggest issue with Prime is that as a vehicle, he looks terrible without his back half. Not as bad as Rodimus, but still pretty bad.

Now that's one I'll definitely wait until he's on the clearance rack for.

I love my Galaxy Force normal one.

However I was right. I figured that since Shockblast did the "super giant" mode thing in Energon before he died that'd Starscream would probably end up being super huge too in Cybertron.

Looks like that's actually part of the unaired episodes of Galaxy Force where Starscream takes over the Decepticons.

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