Say, you don't happen to have those mudflaps do you?


Guess who's hiding under the tarp at the Hasbro booth at the big San Diego Con event?

Must have Elita-1 mudflaps for the Deluxe Luxury New Beetle.


Goliath!! Oh wait, wrong truck.

Um... no. But Peter Cullen, who voiced Optimus Prime, also was the voice of K.A.R.R. so there's a connection for ya!

Dirty skanky whores?

Damn! I'm no good at guessing games.

Someone already ripped off the plates.

Geeks are such the model of restraint, aren't they?

Like I told Mr. E., there's no place he/she can sell those at all now that they are reported stolen.

And I just can't see stealing them just to have in an collection. You'd want to say "that's the plate stolen from Optimus Prime at the Comic Con". It IS bragging material.

Now would I take the mudflaps? Hmmm...

Well, now that someone's broken the seal. . . you can hardly be blamed now, can you? You could blame it on peer pressure. . .

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