He better have the right "voice" in his animated form. Or else!


Galaxy Force SoundwaveSo a CGI model sheet of the new Galaxy Force Soundwave has appeared on the net. And there's even a little Laserbeak or Buzzsaw perched up on his "wing".

So far he's a dead on homage to everybody's favorite cassette-bot spewing 80's walkman Decepticon and I while I'm not into jet-ish alt modes much I can't knock the mere fact he will exist. I mean so far his model sheet makes me definitely think "yeah, he could be Soundwave" and that's pretty rare with modern TFs. (What's funny is that even to this day I still consider the G1 versions the definitive version and all others are compared to those toys and/or animated model sheets.)

GF Soundwave's chestI like the fact that his chest definitely opens and can hold whatever it is Laserbeak/Buzzsaw will transform into. I'm assuming a missile or bomb-shape of some type since that'll go with the stealth jet-ish mode and drop from the bottom.

As long as I avoid the Voicebox-dubbed Transformers Cybertron and stick with the Japanese Transforms Galaxy Force I think I can like these far more than if the bad characters of Cybertron get in the way. (Yes. This is a specific geek where the toys and the animated version play major roles in if I like or don't like something!)

And rumor has it... Primus finally will appear and look like this. Will they retool the Unicron toy to make a Primus figure? Hmmm. At least he'll be cooler than that shitty glowing Energon Primus that looked like the protoculture matrix from the wreakage of the SDF-1.


I guess there's been a design alteration. When the first sketches began appearing, Laserbeak apparently folded out of one of two turbine engines he had.

I can't say I'm upset at the change, because having Laserbeak pop out of his chest is so very G1. And yes, I'm still stuck on G1 too. I only need Trailbreaker, Ironhide and Ratchet to have all the 84-85 cars.

Very cool toy. But it has SNATCH written all over it. Does Hasbro own the name "Soundwave" anymore? It'll probably be called Soundblast. Or Deceptijet. Or Tarantulas.

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