I don't think I know enough ways to say the word fuck.


Oh my god what a loser I am!!!

The 2nd exclusive figure for Botcon was unveiled and it was a fucking repaint of an Energon Basic!?!?!?!! A figure that even Wal-Marts couldn't get rid of fast enough even by doing 2 for 1 and such!

A figure worth at most $5!

Fucking fucking fuck!!!

I'm 0-2 in giving a fuck about these and I was a stupid fucking Transformers collecting idiot and have ordered 2 sets!!!!

Fucking fucking fuck!!!

My god I was stupid and gullible. So stupid and gullible!!!

So now we've seen 2 figures and while some fans may like these all I can say is FUCK!


My god for the money I spent I could have had a repro Master Sword!!!

That 8th figure that attendees to the con only receive better toss my salad or this will have been a very important lesson learned from Master Collector on my part.

And that's all I'm gonna bitch about these. Well... until the 3rd figure is shown.


What hapt to its head and why would someone rip it off? Other than the obvious reason that it is one motherfucking ugly bot thingy.

That's just the angle. It is actually an adequate design but it is not worth the money or the size. It is a basic-sized figure that retails for usually no more than $6.99 at the most.

I'm just really upset that I got suckered into the hype without seeing the damn things first and bought 2 sets, this being the first time ever there was such a large number of figures to be a Botcon exclusive.

But I honestly didn't take into account they'd repaint shitty Beast Wars figures that I could barely get rid of at a yard sale let alone basic-sized figures.

I'm just mad at myself due to my loser nature getting the better of by wallet.

It would be better if I was a literal crack addict. Then I could just not care about anything other than my next rock.

Transformers are better for your teeth. And it seems rather unlikely you'll sell your toilet seat to fund your transformers habit. (True story folks!)

Hmmm... would it be for a dark red toilet seat?

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