Ya know. I'd love NOT to have the plastic crack gene.


Yeah. With the debut of the already messed up Cybertron and the appearances of new toys in the retail chains I'll admit that the "plastic crack gene" kicked in the past few days.

I even went on my first pseudo toy run yesterday because I needed to see if TRU had Cybertron Jetfire since I saw Walky had one. (Of course, I think he probably got them online too since there's some Takara-only stuff there too.)

The Transformer collector compulsion is a cruel mistress. It makes one irrational beyond belief. Hell... it makes me feel dirty and ashamed a lot of the time when I think about the better things in reality that this money could be spent on. I mean, there's a lot of people that have nothing out there and here I am with a habit that costs quite a bit and yet I don't really need.

Anyway. Suffice to say the recent increase in my cybertrone (that's the hormone that the plastic crack gene activates) is pretty bad and it shouldn't be at all. I wasn't thrilled with much of the Galaxy Force stuff so why do I get excited about the possibility of acquiring the US release stuff? It truly is all about "finding something new".


When my cybertrone levels are high I feel like a dirty filthy stinking whore. Especially since I went online again and bought more toys today.

Unclean! Unclean!


Cybertrone can also act as an anti-pheromone.

Which is all fine and good if you're a misanthrope.

Got Crumplezone today! I enjoy his malproportions.

Cybertron should be in all TRUs by the end of next week. (Yeah, some of them in the photo were from Takara, but we found the motherload at the Columbus TRUs here.)

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