I. Am. Stupid.


And I got the Primus Package again for what reason?

This is why there's a con in the con.

You end up having to register early without seeing what you are getting.

Once again, I've been burned with shit I could care less about.

Of course, you can tell by my oh so frequent posting how much I care about these robots anymore.


It was almost like Fun Pub was really trying to make a nasty looking set. Flak is so far about the only one that doesn't look straight up gross to me, personally.

And to think I had actually contemplated an Iacon package not long ago. I'm so pleased now that I didn't. So so pleased.

Please ignore this comment if you aren't into language. I am, and the non-prase "I could care less..." is one of my pet peeves. The true phrase "I could NOT care less..." or "I couldN'T care less" sends a strong message about one's lack of interst in something. Whereas "I could care less" is a confused, non-speak version of the original. It's just something to consider, or disregard.

PS: I'm sorry you got burned.

'Tis a cycle; the movie comes around, and the good crack is pushed aside to make way for the bad crack.

Give it eighteen months, and hopefully we shall be looking down the barrel of Classics / Universe 3.0. ^_^

Ouch - sorry about the lame ass BotCon exclusive set this year Nala. I've been debating whether or not to attend, since it's close to where I live - I am partly relieved that I decided to NOT register early to get the set, after Kup was revealed.

I do like Flak and LioZack ...

why do people like flak so much? it's a good mold but its the 4th one... with two of them still availble at retail.. scourge looks ok to me..

what i wanted are the energon starscream repaints

@slug: For me, Flak is a decent mold with a decent deco. The others in the set....not so much. Perhaps other robo-dorks like myself are feeling the same way.

@sligpitcher, I agree with you on Flak. Really, he's Dropshot and sitting as a peg warmer right now. Am I missing something?

@Nala, When the names were announced and it looked like an Animated collection, I was practically salivating. When they released Kup and confirmed it was not to be, I was crushed and each character's image release seemed to add salt to the wounds.

With Thunderclash's release I reviewed the whole set and rated them much higher than anticipated - http://fairplaythings.com/blog/?p=1310 - but I think it might have been hope or blind toy nostalgia. Truth is, in my 5 point grade point system and in the combined delirium that is Botcon exclusitivity and lack-of-sleep, I simply overranked them all by a point.

The first two figures remind me of Target or Wally-mart exclusives. The last three like Universe 1.0 figures. And the two leaks fill me with no more anticipation. I don't want to be too much of a hater about the toys - since I could make similar critics of pre FP botcon figures - but then they make such a big deal (tm) about the effort that goes into them that I feel totally misled when I see the results.

The shining light I guess is that somehow (somehow!) they seem to be popular. So unloading them shouldn't be hard. Clearly Flak for reasons beyond me is a hit. I toy with the idea of picking up one more Scourge to have a set of Sweeps, so I might make you an offer there.

Anyway, the Con will be fun with good friends and beer. And Powered Convoy is love. (Who ever thought the TFCon exclusive would rock harder than the entire Botcon set...)

@Nala: I simply mean that Hasbro's line-up appears to dictate which molds are currently available for use and which are not. As Hasbro have spent the last few years either (a) given over to the movie line or (b) gearing up for a movie line, it rather excludes the use of movie-line molds.

Ergo, we seem to see the same A-E-C molds getting re-hashed time and time again, with a smattering of Classics 1.0 here and there.

In all fairness, I am working under the assumption that FP is not staffed with complete halfwits; an assumption that might, in retrospect, not be as concrete as first thought.

I am so over A/E/C molds as BotCon exclusives. But I tell ya, the first time FP makes a convention set with the Animated figures, I am there. Think of the potential: Female Starscream clone, Cybertron Ratchet repainted as Ironhide (or "metalized" Ironhide from "Transwarped"), Cliffjumper from BB, etc. Probably the only way we'd get those figures, since Hasbro appears to be shutting down the line.

ANybody got the Takara Transformers ALTERNITY Optimus Convoy Silver GTR? ANy good?

@Mark: I hadn't seen that -- Alternity is a smaller scale than Binaltech was, correct? Still, that red Optimus is pretty. The pics of the silver one (on amazon) make it look dull.

I like the car itself! A superb test drive! Lucky enough to have had a go in it, and also in the Fairlady Z.

Hence I wouldn't mind getting the bots. I'd rather the red one, yes!


@EB: I second your Botcon Animated exclusives idea. I did what I consider to be a decent send-up of what could have been Animated Elita Guard Kup and friends in a blog rant noted above.

I suspect what has been seen so far of Cybertronian Ratchet will be released as Ironhide when it is finished. If it gets finished. Frankly, I'd settle for Earthform Ratchet as Ironhide if Animated is well as truly dead. But a Cliffjumper from BB, a Wasp from BB, even an "Ironhide" Ironhide as the add-on in person... So much potential.

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