Henkei Wildrider (Char Hobby Exclusive)

Henkei Wildrider (Char Hobby Exclusive)

Look what showed up today!


I really love the greyscale packaging for these exclusives.


Dig it the most! I love that mold, too.

I agree with sewingstars. JEALOUS!

That is a really nice figure. You have the BotCon Shattered Glass Rodimus I presume? Do you feel there is any redundancy if you have both?

I would most likely buy a recolor of this mold should Hasbro choose to make one. I like well-done recolors on good base figures (so for example I haven't minded all the seeker recolors).

Nala: Where did you pick this guy up, if I may ask?

Nala: I wondered if it was Ebay, because I haven't seen them anywhere else of late.

And on your hood flames comment--it's still pretty damn cool.
If it had a G1-ish gray hood pattern from the original Wildrider or even nothing at all, I agree it would be a bit better, but I still dig this one.

I may try to get a hold of one in the near future.

Looks sweet.

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