TF Animated Shockwave (Target Exclusive)


TF Animated Shockwave (Target Exclusive)

Yeah. I know. I was less than thrilled a couple of days ago with the original mainstream release.

Not sure if he'll go back or not.


I'd keep the purple one and take back the other one. Plus this one comes with a little BB!

I like the little ones a lot. I see them all the time in stores but I have been trying to save money and shelf space...

Nala, if you don't want him, I'll buy him off you.

Could you? With a Sunstorm too? Oh that would be awesome! Can flip you money through Paypal. What was the cost?

Thx for the tip. Picked mine up today. Do think this Shockwave is better.

I like this repaint of Animated Shockwave. Now I can keep the grey version in LongArm mode, and the purple version as Shockwave.

Target has now clearanced both these sets for $4.99. That didn't take long.

Er... a sale, I guess. Not clearance. But still.... Craziness.

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