Henkei Cyclonus and Nightstick

TF Henkei Cyclonus

It is really hard for me to say if the Henkei version here is better than the Hasbro release.

TF Henkei Nightstick

I originally had thought that this version would be better than the Hasbro release but now that he's here in the Crack Den I can't say for certain this is actually better.

The more muted purple and grey Shockwavey colors of Hasbro Cyclonus actually are more consistent and I think more pleasing to the eye.

The chrome on Henkei Nightstick is a bit too much.

TF Henkei Cyclonus (alt mode)

Cyclonus is sorta kinda closer to his anime model sheet specs but in the end, I think this version kind of fails.

Don't waste the extra money on the Henkei version unless you really want it. Yes, it is different enough from the Hasbro one to be a true repaint but honestly, as a complete set they fail to elicit moisture creation in my nether regions.


Agree. Bright lavender doesn't work for cold-blooded Decepticons.

When I first saw the preview images, I misconstrued the metallic purple of the wings for translucent plastic, which - now looking at the finished article - I fear would have been infinitely more interesting.

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