I love the gold targetmaster (I wonder what his name is). I'm a little underwhelmed by this rendering as Strafe though. Looks more like a Shattered Glass Cyclonus.

Not sure what the hell to make of this thing. I uniformly seem to be drawn to it and yet repulsed at the same time.

Damn, I sound like I'm in an art critique back in college!

...he's gorgeous.

I gotta have him. Gotta!

Yeah, he's pretty. I could see them also doing a "crystal" version.

If I got him I would call him Canadian Cyclonus. Stick a few Maple Leaf shaped stickers on him and you're golden.

...then I noticed the orange parts...well he'd still be Canadian Cyclonus.

@Nala, oh dear, did I say that? I am sounding more and more like some of the people I see on the boards. "Well it is so expensive, it should have a new head" - as if the expense isn't because of the conditions and the market for which it is intended.

Like agentmorris, I am captivated by him but don't know why, and yet I'm not sure I like him. It's a weird reaction for me.

@that carl guy, you may have just sold me. I will call him Maple!

awesome! I feel no interest in that toy whatsoever!

on the other hand, I am currently so flat-ass busted that I can't really go out and buy a goddamned deluxe, much less a toy you literally need a line of credit to obtain.

Good thing I'm not really interested in Movie stuff. (although I may consider the Bumblebee with driver guy, so I can kitbash him into Bumblebee and his new friend, Hoop.)

@Hoop - I've been unemployed for 2 and a bit years; it gets me down, but hey, I get quality time with my kid! Understand the reluctance on the toy buying front though - I'm currently selling some Lego Batman which is making a fortune luckily...

@Nala - any news on the UM postage?



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