TF Animated Sunstorm

TF Animated Sunstorm (Target Exclusive)

I've never been into the endless repaints of the Seekers.

Sure... in my completest days, I'd buy up whatever was out but outside of Starscream, the others rarely came out of the package.

But the insanely colored Sunstorm has always appealed to me.

I suppose because there aren't a whole lot of bright yellow robots out there.

I'd buy the chick Starscream if they ever made her but this is it for me on Starscream animated repaints.


why are all the toys in freaking OHIO?? i never see any of the things you do...!!

I'd have to agree with Sewingstars on that. Cool stuff never comes out here.

I like the Skywarp repaint because I like the black and purple. But I've taken the same vow of no more StarScream repaints.

Sewingstars, try Canada. Ha!

Sunstorm rules! He's the one that I want. Wot wot wot!

I'm in Ohio, and I never get to see them either. Nala has some sort of amazing crack-radar. :)

By the by, is it the lighting or did they actually do an orange-to-yellow fade on that guy? Because it looks beautiful from where I'm sitting.

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