Micronauts Galactic Cruiser

Micronauts Galactic Cruiser

Ya gotta love an ebay win that was only $8 for a complete 30 year old toy with box and instructions!

Sure... it isn't quite like this mint rare find but $8 vs $75? I can handle $8.

My Micronauts collections grows... alas... still with no Biotron.


Gorgeous! I dearly want a Microtron and a Biotron.

Speaking of Micronauts, any progress on homeworldbound?

Yay! This is fantastic and the kind of entry I was expecting you'd put on the Homeworld blog, but I don't care where it is as long as you put it somewhere. How exciting that you pretty much got it for under the (inflation adjusted) original retail. I don't see how that other one warrants $75 especially since your box is in way better shape, but whatever. I don't know what the current secondary market cost is on these boxed or loose or whatever, but I imagine it's somewhere between the two examples you've presented.

I had a conversation with a comic shop owner ten years ago about the relative rarity of toys since the mid-seventies. He said some things that still stick with me today. I was explaining how I felt that old Transformers must be totally extinct because I had such a hard time finding them in anything other than used condition. (This was in '97 just before eBay made it apparent to me that there was a lot more out there than I ever imagined).

He told me stories about people he knew that used to run toy stores who would set aside cases upon cases of Transformers for their personal collections. He said there are people with basements full of 80s toys that I wouldn't believe. After 1983 toy collecting became so huge that if anything from that period was hard to find unopened it was just because people were hoarding it. He felt that 1983 was the point when toys began getting produced in such mass quantities that nothing after that year was as legitimately rare as anything that came before.

I'd bet that the only reason Micronauts seem to be abundant in better shape and greater quantities than old G1 is because people are apathetic towards them right now. I do naut know, really, but I suspect the truth is Micronauts were produced in way lower numbers. I think the supply (although quite low) has consistently outweighed demand because the line has consistently been overshadowed in popularity by Star Wars in the 70s and the Transformers in the 80s.

@ekm, I think you are on to something there. Although I don't understand why Micronauts are not more popular. Well, other than the absence of a cartoon... but I mean a legitimate reason. Micronauts were the best!

@nala, sorry the love is waning. I expect it has to do with a combination of (a) movie 2, (b) grc organization and exclusives, and (c) bank statements. I know that the last two weigh on me, along with a healthy dose of "why do I keep buying stuff when I don't have space for what I have". But I get excited through munnies and some special finds - for me, the seven Walmart exclusive "movie" toys, particularly the chance to bring home TWO Big Daddies, so I can give one of the best moulds this decade to my dad (vintage car buff he is) in a really cool paint job.

Anyway, hear is hoping Henkei inspires you.

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