Yo! Geeks!


One of you either emailed me or commented here over the past 6 weeks about looking for an Animated Ultra Magnus in the original colors.

I found one and bought it!

If you still need him let me know and you can have it. Otherwise, I'll be taking him back in a week or so.

Oh... and Mr. Terrific... no luck on the TRU War Within Titaniums. Sorry.

Some new crack coming up soon.


Sigh. That's cool. I appreciate the search. I didn't realize they weren't coming up to Canada.

Off to eBay I go... although, with TFCon and Botcon coming, I should just wait...

Hey Nala, would love the Animated UM. How much?


Nala, sounds cool, if you could give me a total price, I'll paypal it to you... :o)


Hey Mister T, what tru titaniums are you needing the local tru has 2 Grimlock's and a 1 prowl but that was a week ago i can check for you

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