I've never finished the redesign and page implementation of Plastic Crack.

I haven't even scratched the surface on designs and content for,, or even the years behind Paper Crack.

The south bedroom renovation ground to a halt when my knee started hurting again a few weeks back.

I still haven't touched the toy sorting for the Great Robot Purge and we have another Vets' Memorial Toy Show coming up that I need to get ready for.

My life has literally come to a complete standstill.

And to top it off... the inevitable birthday is 6 days away!!!

What the phrock happened to me?!?!!?

There was a time in my life just a few years ago that I did a remarkable job at multitasking and completing projects.


I'm a slacker that even slacker's would look up to.




I know how you feel about slacking on everything. Heck, I've got a huge list of unfinished un-posted drafts for blog posts.

Not to mention everything else going on.

On a completely unrelated note, weren't you looking to add other contributors during your current redesign?

Nala, we are all with you in slackerdom.

Project TF365 (transformers of the day) that I'm undertaking at the sucks a lot of time out of me that should be going into actually updating the blog with new munnies and projects. Perhaps even things to sell.

Preparations for various convention entries is slow going and, while I think I will be fine for the big entry in Botcon, I worry about the rest (particularly something for TFCon which is in six weeks - eek). Add to that some mad idea of cataloguing the collection (finally!) before GRC and finalizing the study and work area... and all the house stuff (replacing the bathroom wall, painting the ceiling...) AH!

I need a week off just to get there.

I was mostly asking because I wanted to volunteer my services if you ever get that idea off the ground. Assuming of course you'd have me.

Agree with RJ. Am prepared to contribute joint pieces when the ideas get launched.

I used to be sort of against the whole idea of "blog consolidation" but these days I like the idea. It's better exposure for everyone and it's less work individually.

I've got a couple of other people doing game reviews on and my only real complaint is that they don't update as much as I'd like.

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