TF Animated Shockwave

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TF Animated Shockwave

To state the my favorite Transformer of all time has been given a grave injustice by Hasbro in the Animated line would be putting it mildly.

TF Animated Shockwave

In a line where everybody but maybe Lockdown and the Deluxe sized Megatron are fantastic, Shockwave has to get added to the very small list of robot turds.

He could have been grand.

He could have bee Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy level of tits awesomeness.

But no.

Saddled with his autobot spy gimmick, he's just a cowish less than mediocre bot.

I can't believe you just flip him over and there's the spy mode!!!

Now understand... I was giving him the benefit of the doubt as I took the packaging off.

But then, when I flipped him over and realized that his Longarm bot is just right there with not really much to hide it, my initial gut feelings from way back when were confirmed.

Maybe I can find a way to pose him decently or something.

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Hasbro tried to make a figure with four modes, and frankly none of them are particularly good. And the toy barely qualifies as an homage to Shockwave. The closest connection that thing has to the G1 bot is Corey Burton's voice.

As far has Hasbro injustice, I too am feeling the sting, because Omega Supreme is going to be one of several TFA characters never to be released as a toy. Balls!!

I knew you wouldn't like this one, Nala, as you made it known a while back. But I have to say I honestly like this figure as long as I just take it for what it is and try to forget the name, "Shockwave."

Even if you hate the rest of it, it's eye has the best light piping I've seen in recent memory, right up there with Uni Inferno's.

@Agent Morris: Well, I still have to actually see him first hand. Going off pictures and drawings just don't cut it really. But yeah, my initial feelings didn't change once I started putz'n around with him.

Hm. Is the Target one any different? Saw that today. And Sunstorm.

G1 colors.

I wanted Sunstorm. Didn't know he was out.

What Target???

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