More birthday goodness...

More of my awesome birthday presents!

They arrived late but I got some more birthday awesomeness in the form of Who dvds.

First Doctor and Dodo Chaplet goodness with The War Machines which I'm currently watching.

Also Four To Doomsday, The Leisure Hive, and Destiny of The Daleks.

I also hear I have the always trippy serial The Web Planet coming on DVD too. My VHS is really sorta crappy. I'm hoping they've restored it.

C'mon BBC.... get The War Games out on DVD!!!


Destiny of the Daleks is great. I have it as well.

How's Leisure Hive? I was thinking of picking that DVD up.

Happy much belated Birthday! I haven't been around in awhile.

The Animaniacs are awesome btw. The potty emergency was my favorite episode.

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