The Micro-NOTS.

A depressing bag of Micronauts parts

In attempting to not slack off the whole day, I went through some boxes of shit in the basement and uncovered a baggie of what remains from my original Micronauts from the 70s.

Micro-nots aren't they?


I fear we all have a bag or two like that of Micronauts. I know I had a small one of pieces from the Battle Cruiser for many years. I've a larger one in the basement from yardsale finds. Hmmm. I need to take a picture of that...

Hmm is there enough to make the upper torso and arms of the white guy? Force Commander, is that it? I still have my (I think it's called) Andromeda from back in the day, and I always wanted a Karza to make a centaur with. Sadly, the Palisades reissues sucked and couldn't even really form the centaur correctly.

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