Reviewing all the crack I'm either expecting within a few days or have on order.

Alas, a lot of robot crap in my queue:

Henkei Wildrider
Henkei Ghost Starscream
Henkei Strafe
Henkei Alert
Henkei Ratchet
Henkei Smokescreen
Henkei Cyclonus
Henkei Electro Disruptor Mirage
MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock
Gear of War Accessory Kit

Um... I see a definite trend there.


That's a whole lot of Henkei, son.

I preordered the Smokescreen as well.

I was tempted to get Cyclonus too.

I have a list that looks eerily like this one. I am really curious about Strafe, and I think I'm going to sink money into Dirge with proper wings (even if colourful).

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