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I like when customizers take some some liberties to repaint a toy.

I noticed this "Movie" Ultra Magnus custom today

Custom Ultra Magnus

Custom Ultra Magnus

The red works as-is, and I like just the small areas of blue in the cab for the flames to contrast against.

This custom Classic Megs is great too.


Truck mode is too white ...

DL,have you even seen g1 magnus?

Rhinox, do you always have to stir shit? Leave folks to their opinions unless you have something more constructive to add.

I think truck mode looks odd with only the little bit of blue with the flames over it. Like it's half finished. Perhaps a blue/white gradient fade would work better?

BTW, Max and I saw a yellow/orange version of the Prime truck over on the West Side on Saturday. Max said it appeared around the same time as the movie.

I´m not stirring shit,i´m just asking DL if he saw G1 magnus' cab.

Yeah, leave Hate Plague Prime out of this.

am i the only one who likes unarmored magnus?

I liked the G1 toy. Hated the character. As it stands, now it's mostly good for lazy repaints of Prime.

Yet I have a weakness for Thundercracker, who is also now mostly used for lazy repaints.

Yeah I'm not a big fan of how every Ultra Magnus that comes out now is just a white Prime. I like the armor.

However I do think this is a nice repaint.

@Decepticon Rhinox - Yes, I know what G1 UM looks like. :P

I think giga's comment said it best "I think truck mode looks odd with only the little bit of blue with the flames over it. Like it's half finished."

And I don't care for the red windows. Nice custom, but not for me is all I am trying to say.

DL:Ok,So you mean either pretty much all white or plenty of blue (and optionally red)?


Nope, not at those prices. My mania has its limits, and I really can't justify spending more on what is by all other aspects a $10 toy for more than I spent on G1 Scorponok.

Don't worry, I'll still be gnashing my teeth every time you bring up the fact that you have one.

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