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TF Generations Blurr

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TF Generations Blurr

I really like this Blurr.

I don' think he's as perfect a rendition as TF Animated Blurr but there isn't much else in the way of sleek sexy Blurrs out there.

The gun? Oh my god do I love the big ass gun!!!

And the fact that they designed him with 2 smaller guns hidden away inside is great.

The only complaint is the fact that his hub caps are so boring with no paint deco on them. Some silver, or just about anything) would do wonders to liven them up.


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I would have to say that Takara has finally answered the question once and for all.

Rumble is blue. Frenzy is red.

Just as cosmic balance and harmony dictate.

TF Generations Soundwave

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TF Generations Soundwave

I actually like this figure. I like it a lot.

I mean... you look at it and say "Why yes! That sure is Soundwave!" and isn't that what we want.

He's so much nicer than that ugly movie thing. Hell... he's more Soundwave than that Transformers Prime movie-ish character too.

No doubt Takara will do some kind of Soundblaster repaint. The mold would definitely look nice in black and grey.

Maybe Perfect Effect or one of those other secondary market groups could do some simple Buzzsaw/Laserbeak minifigures that could chill on his shoulder.

TF Generations Dirge

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TF Generations Dirge

It was only a matter of time that Hasbro did a Dirge. I'm just shocked it took them this long.

I've had the original Botcon Dirge since 2007.

However, he was just a straight-up repaint of Classics Ramjet.

Nice to see this one is far more in line with the original 80s Dirge.

I'm thinking that I now have every iteration of the modern seekers including the odd ball ones.

It is purty.

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Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod

I know I'm pretty late to the game with this set but damn, if you haven't already purchased a Fans Project Protector set you should.

Don't buy another hideous movie figure! Spend that money on this instead.


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Let's face it. In 2011... the interwebs have moved away from blogs and such and the world is currently about social networking.


More toys? Oh my!

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To some extent it is really kind of exciting that Takara has decided to produce and actually release some Animated stuff that I just can't see Hasbro doing any time soon.

TF Animated Wing Blade Optimus Prime With that Transformers Prime show on The Hub out and another awful movie on the horizon I don't think they'll ever return to the animated stuff outside of maybe Botcon 2011's stuff.

So I decided to snag the Takara stuff up that I really wanted and goddamn if TF Animated Wingblade Convoy Super Ginrai isn't the most perfect thing in the world right now.

Let's face it... the brick that is G1 Ginrai/Godbomber is really an awful toy. Even those custom parts that were made a few years back to give it decent "wings" and arms really didn't quite do it. A turd is still a turd.

I'm not sure if we have Derek Wyatt to thank for the design or Hasbro but bringing in Super God Ginrai elements into Optimus Prime for the last few episodes of TF Animated was a brilliant idea and I can only hope that the toy is just as awesome.

So looking for this figure brought me to Big Bad Toy Store and I discovered a whole shitload of Transformers or Transformers-related figures that I didn't know existed due to my general self-imposed fan ignorance of the past 2 years or so.

I was shocked to see that they brought Animated's Lugnut into the Generations line. While the Takara version is really what I wanted since it is colored like the original, I went with theHasbro one to save some money. I kind of regret it but oh well.

I have the 4-pack of Generations figures coming that includes Scourge, Kup, Cliffjumper, and Thunderwing. I really only wanted Scourge and Kup. I feel like of stupid of buying them this way when I don't need Cliffjumper or the jet. (I'll blame it on the cold meds.)

henkclearhotrod.jpgThe one niche that I had decided I would still collect a long time ago was translucent figures. So seeing the Henkei Sons of Cybertron Crystal Convoy and Hot Rod set was something I just had to get. The Convoy that this comes from is a piece of shit mold but the Hot Rod is just beautiful. I picked up the Animated version of this set the other day too. Funny. I'm not a huge fan of the Animated Hot Rod but love that Prime and the opposite applies to this set.

Anyway, they are translucent so they fit into the niche.

The stuff that I didn't know about that really blew me away was some of the Fans Project stuff.

The real Classics Ultra Magnus!

Now I was a major fan of the Ultra Magnus "City Commander" armor set and trailer. Man...did that really come out in 2008?!?!?! Seems like I just bought it.

Well I have the City Commander Upgrade Package Parts Set coming. It was on clearance and no doubt worth the $29 price tag. I love the hammer a la Animated Ultra Magnus. This should be good stuff.

I have a few more Perfect Effect items coming too.

The new collecting sure ain't gonna be about quantity. It is going to be about quality and the things I want to collect dust better than average shit collecting dust!

So yeah... I guess I'm back for now.


Up until a few days ago I really didn't know... nor did I really care... what was going on in the world of totally gay toy robots.

I still have no idea what prompted me to go online to Captured Prey and order some of the recent shit that arrived.

And from that excursion I ended up at Big Bad Toy Store because Capture Prey did not have TF Animated Super God Ginrai available.

So. Somehow I ended up with more pieces of crap to sit on a shelf collecting dust.

But back to the point I was going to make but didn't...

My life is in a very very different place than it was years ago when I started into this robot thing of ours. There hasn't been anything fun in this, outside of a few friends I've met, for a very long time. The internet forum trolling and such was kind of fun when I was 28 and all but by 38 it was just annoying and I really couldn't stand putting up with it.

If you ever read my posts you know that I'd really had a love-hate relationship with this waste of a hobby for many years and thankfully, the Transformers movies totally gave me the opportunity to get my out-of-control toy habits under control.

Those movies toys are some of the ugliest shit I've ever seen and I can thank Hasbro for allowing Hollywood to take the thing in that direction because it really killed my interest in collecting toys as well as the fiction.

Now I've been trying to get ready to get rid of the toys for over 3 years now. The move from the House of Love III (with the huge Attic of Love) to the House of Love IV in 2007 coincided with the movie killing my interests in this shit and I kind of limped along and then just didn't care any more.

Well... the past 18 or so months have been very soul searching for me in my real life and has resulted in my being about 6 weeks away from having an approved home study right now

What the hell does any of that mean?

Well... simply put... I've been focusing my life on getting ready to adopt children.

Yup! When 2011 is over with there is a highly like chance that I'll have a family.

Now you are probably saying to yourself "what the fuck does this have to do with goddamn toy robots" or something... but in a weird way, for me, not having gotten rid of all this plastic baggage is tied to the adoption.

See... I'm looking to adopt siblings. Very soon 2-3 boys (or possibly boys and girls) will form a brigade that I never had thought would happen to me.

And this may sound stupid... but if I end up with boys the right age... who like Transformers... well... having gotten rid of all of this before the adoption would possibly have been one of the saddest things in the world.

There's a really good chance that very soon I can share these 2600+ stupid robots with kids who can enjoy them like they were meant to be enjoyed.

Imagine that. Toys to be played with by children.

So. Who knows. I may be into this thing of ours again and be able to share my loves and hates with my sons.

Hell... I may even taken them to a Gay Robot Convention some day. I may actually like all of this again.

So... I can only imagine how awesome it will be to play with Victory Saber and Black Fire Convoy with my kids.

And that... well... that actually matters to me.

I'm going to let my love-hate thing continue and see where it goes. And maybe one day my sons and I can make fun of some Transformers fans at a con that are annoying the shit out of us. (Oh. And totally make fun of Furries too!)

Plastic Crack | A Transformers Blog

So I wanted to have both a Hot Rod and a Rodimus Prime but that meant getting another Hot Rod.

I opted to snag the Target Hot Rod/Cyclonus 2-pack.

Ugh! What a shitty figure.

Wow! What a difference.

2-pack Hot Rod (on the right) really looks and feels like a knock-off. Compared to the Classics release he's so poor it isn't even funny.

Hasbro really went all out on this set. I haven't even looked at the Cyclonus yet.



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Ended up running out to Target to buy that 2-Pack Classics Hot Rod and Cyclonus. I figure for $10 I now have a separate Hot Rod and one that can use the Fan Project Rodimus Prime armor as well as an "armada" figure for my Henkei Cyclonus.

In other news... I'm realizing that when TF United Grapple was originally shown way back when he had a black head deco. While I do love the retooling for this figure I'm starting to think he would have looked a lot better with the original black head I seem to remember seeing.

So yeah...


I bought a shitload of expensive robots.

Bite me!

TF Animated Wreck-Gar

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TF Animated Wreck-Gar

I never picked him up in general release and then kind of regretted it since he at least appeared in the show itself.

Captured Prey had him at retail price so it was stupid not to get him or to pay shitloads more for the Takara version.

TF United: Autobot Grapple

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TF United: Autobot Grapple

He may be one of the sexiest robots that turns into a piece of construction equipment... EVER!

TF Animated: Takara Sons of Cybertron Exclusive Set

While I generally curtailed my collecting these past years I always planned on maybe just going for the translucent niche stuff since there's not a whole lot of it.

Of course... leave it to Takara and eHobby to start doing a shitload of translucent exclusives.

TF Animated: Takara Blackout

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TF Animated: Takara Blackout

Let's face it. I just don't see Hasbro releasing any more Animated figures.

Even though the mold was made it just seems odd with Hasbro's current planning.

This may pop up in the TF Club or Botcon stuff but unlikely as mass release.

And well... he's nicer than any movie shit and nicer that the buggy movie version.

Fans Project Protector Set

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Fans Project Protector set

These add-on non-official kits have not done me wrong yet.

The City Commander kit is fantastic and makes Magnus very Magnusy!

Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy

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Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy

I had to get him.

I've bought every other Masterpiece figure so if I'm going to buy some bots I may as well buy ones that are worth it.

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