An homage to a sorta homage. Is that a retromage?


I saw this link over at Hoop's site and found it pretty funny.

From the best Google can translate, it looks like a custom Energon Tow-line homage out of an Encore Ratchet.

Custom Energon Towline

Though I have no idea what " ビークルモードは..."左のいらない部分をそぎ落としたら右になりました" ってカンジ?" really means.

The Google Translation of "Vehicle mode is left to whittle the unwanted portion" leaves a lot to the imagination.

I assume it refers to the platform part.


I saw this through Shortpacked & immediately thought to myself "Why the fuck would anyone do this?"

I like that they even redesigned the cardboard head insert. They may be kind of silly but they do make the toy less crapulent.

Also, it's Ironhide. You can tell by the placement of the rub decal.

And it doesn't even look like his shoulders are growing out of his hips!

This is why I love the Japanese fans; that they would even *consider* doing something like this is a testament to their appreciation of all things Transformer-y.


He's using an "arms up, fists as shoulders" fan mode, which I've seen elsewhere. You get better arms for display at the cost of hands and any articulation.

I appreciate the work involved here, and JOP is quite right, it's so crazy I can't dislike it. Nothing like taking a questionable idea and carrying it out to its logical conclusion.

However, this custom does point out to me just how random that white front is, which I hadn't noticed on the Energon toy.

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