Finally... a MotorMaster that looks fresh and exciting.


So I was catching up with Michael Holt's predecessor's blog and I gotta say that the custom Stunticons he posted the eBay link to is something to behold.

I'm not much into following the customizers other than creaming every now and then over something Jin Saotome has produced but FrenzyRumble's stuff is really nice.

His Devestator is wonderful and I'd love to have a Sunstorm for Classics like he did. (Hmm... would that be an Unclassics Sunstorm?)

I'm still pissed I didn't try to go after one of Jin's Shockwave customs.


Holy S---!! Those customs are frakking amazing!!

Those Stunticons are truly the best I've ever seen---most of his stuff is. Thanks for giving the heads-up. I'd seen his Devastator, but had missed this one so far---wow!

Heh, Jin's Transformer customs always go for ridiculous cash. I remember that other Shockwave he did going for several hundred dollars.

I was bitterly dissappointed that his Sam Fisher custom went for four digits. I bid on it, but of course, I'm not dropping that sort of money on a toy.

I love your names for my blog! I can't wait to see what you call the website!

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