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Fansproject TFX-05 Sidearm

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Fansproject TFX-05 Sidearm (and gold metallic wing things)

Oh c'mon now! You spend the money on red opaque metallic ink on black paper but you can't design the packaging to not be destroyed upon opening!?!?!

I'm keeping it in the packaging for now. No sense destroying it all.

Fans Project City Commander Upgrade Head

You know... even though the new head is more Magnusy... I gotta say I think I like the original head better.

The real Classics Ultra Magnus!

Definitely unique.

So I wanted to have both a Hot Rod and a Rodimus Prime but that meant getting another Hot Rod.

I opted to snag the Target Hot Rod/Cyclonus 2-pack.

Ugh! What a shitty figure.

Wow! What a difference.

2-pack Hot Rod (on the right) really looks and feels like a knock-off. Compared to the Classics release he's so poor it isn't even funny.

Hasbro really went all out on this set. I haven't even looked at the Cyclonus yet.


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