Um... I fergots.


Wow! Talk about just not caring about Transformers right now.

I forgot SDCC was going on and I also forgot to ask my resident SDCC lecture circuit peeps Mr. and Mrs. B. to snag me the Hasbro TF exclusives.

Oh well.


You should have them get you business suit Cobra Commander instead.

Rather than add to their drama, I didn't even consider asking... I just bought online. To me, the $20 upcharge was worth them not standing in line.

Plus shipping it anyway when they got back.

Actually, if it goes down like last year, Nemesis Prime will be on Hasbro Toy Shop this coming Monday morning and then last less than an hour.

That's my plan, if it works, great, if not, I won't miss him too much. Would I miss obtaining yet another dust gatherer? Probably not.

I like Giga's thinking on Cobra Commander.

I'm thinking about going that route on Nemesis Prime. But certainly for Titanium Skywarp, the one I really want.

There were Transformers there?

Lots of exciting TF news from SDCC:

TF Animated line: Deluxe Blurr, Deluxe Swindle, repaint of Leader Megatron, and Voyager Longarm (some crane platform?)

TF Universe/Classics 2: Deluxe Hound with Ravage, Deluxe Inferno, Deluxe Targetmaster Cyclonus, Beast Wars Cheetor, Legends Brawn, Beachcomber, Bumblebee, & Cosmos.

AWESOME news!!

Pics here:

I have a friend who went, and thankfully was able to snag me a blue-suit Cobra Commander. She then had dinner with Jim Starlin, Michael Golden, and Larry Hama. I think she was going to get the figure signed by Hama for me, but I haven't talked to her today to see what's up.

DL:Inferno is voyager class.

And Shockwave is a quadruple changer! Awesome.

Cyclonus looks kinda shitty,and cheetor looks like total crap.
Cyclonus might be awesome if i slap some purple paint on him.

And Hound,ah Hound. His new toy is teh fangazmz

Looking forward to Shockwave. Quadruple changer... as long as they do Shockwave's bot mode right. The photos look nice, but the figure could use a bit more purple.
BTW the Universe Legends look great!

SDCC exclusives are now available for purchase on-line via HTS. If you can get through....

Don't forget to use the 10% off promotion code: COMIC2008!!

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