Who watches the trailer.


Well... I'm not sure what to think.

A film is entirely too small to contain the story. That's just reality.

The trailer shows a lot of comic panel duplication in the cinematography.

Yeah. The lame geek in me got a little hard at the Owlship coming out of the river.

Laurie's costume just looks silly though.

Kudos to incorporating the minor stuff like Doctor Manhattan's martian clockwork "house".

But... I just don't see how a film can capture what is very much a story steeped in the literary structure and conventions of a comic.


In the land of fairplay, we also are afraid to hope.

Is there too much story for a two and a half hour movie? Getting costumes to look good is not as hard as getting the story right.

But damn is it pretty!

Supposedly it's going to be a multi-media extravaganza ala the matrix, with DVDs, internet videos, etc., to incorporate all the story elements left out of the film.

That being said, i'm off to reread it.

Haha, I just re-read it myself, kelmeister. No, they won't be able to fulfill everyone's hopes on the story and Veidt looks like a d-bag and Nite Owl's not fat, but I think when it's all said and done we'll probably have to give him nerddom's "Best Try Award" for giving it a shot and probably having at least a few really great scenes translated. It's about the hardest thing you could try to move to film out of comicdom, it's just too complex for people who are still being satisfied by more aloof comic works like Iron Man and Spider-Man, which while they may be good in their own respects don't hold a candle to the depth of story Moore can put in one page of ink.

If she's in vinyl, why even call her the Silk Spectre? The point of the costume was that it was supposed to be ridiculous. Sorry, but every time they try to adapt Moore they do something ridiculous to the original story. Like "Let's make From Hell a whodunit, while combining the two main characters!" or "Let's make V secretly in love with Evey!" or "Let's just take this LXG book and change everything!" All this makes me nervous that Rorschach will make a heroic sacrifice to save a bunch of orphans and Ozymandias will "remember he's. . . a HERO!" in the last reel.

So yeah, I'm pretty much all "Michael Bay will be directing Transformers" about this.

What may have been the only way to pull this off on screen would've been for two volumes like Kill Bill. And even then, a 6 episode mini-series on a cable network like HBO or Showtime would've been even better for this movie.

When I think of visually spectacular, yet unfulfilling, film adaptations of books, Dune is the first one that comes to mind. David Lynch was set up for failure from the get-go trying to bring the novel's depth to the screen in just two hours. So we were left with spectacular visuals and a rushed, cramped, obtuse film. This Watchmen movie will probably suffer the same fate I'm afraid.

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