Launching rockets... because somebody has to!

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So Saturday we got us a call from Skippy and he was heading out to launch some of his new birthday rockets.

Since I got so much done at The Domicile that day I didn't feel guilty about wasting the late afternoon.

7-5-08: Skippy's new big ass rocket!

These new rockets are gimondous!

7-5-08: Skippy's new big ass rocket!

The one has this little compartment in which small objects can be placed. Next time... I'm launching a small Transformer PVC or Spychanger up.

7-5-08: Down comes the rocket

There was lots of sweet sweet rocket love with tons of rockets being launched.

However, as with last time, the smaller rocket ended up taking off so fast and far and ended up out of the park... likely falling in the Olengrungy River or onto SR315.

This is how NOT to launch a rocket:

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that was the best video ever!

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