Hmmm... are there car companies native to Canada?


We here at Plastic Crack extend our great joy and happiness and wish our 1 apparent Canadian reader a Happy Canada Day!

May you always remember that if things had gone differently in 1812, you'd be eating normal bacon.

*ducks head from thrown Best Diorama Botcon 2008 award*


Ah Canada. The only country to ever defeat the Americans on their own soil. And we burned the White House to the ground just to make it sporting.

Your #1 Canadian fan is grateful, nonetheless, for the tribute! I raise my beer in toast.

*And the award works better as a mallet-type devise. I may have to throw Wolverine at you though. Possibly Puck (Wolvie's kind of heavy...)

Sorry, as someone who lives in Buffalo but was born in Ontario and never revoked the citizenship, I demand a recount.

And let's us be historically accurate. . . Canada wasn't a country when that all happened. And we do eat normal bacon. IF I were to order a bacon double cheeseburger in Canada, there would be no slab of cornmeal covered pig on it, just a couple of strips.

Don't listen to Frowny. He's clearly been converted by this "Buffalo." Canada has existed since time eternal. Now maybe the current national political entity called "the Dominion of Canada" wasn't current at the time, but, trust me, the rocks and trees and lakes and such were all here. And thinking about burning.

Somehow I really like the notion of "Rocks thinking about burning."

And I'm doing evangelical work, trying to convince Buffalonians that they might as well be Canadian. Buffalo is pretty Canadian. The Lowest of the Low play here all the time, fer crissake!

I am also Canadian and it was a great Canada Day this year. Lots of BBQ and beer and just doing nothing. You gotta love those days where you are expected and allowed to do nothing.

Frowny; we have to encourage misperceptions of Canada. Its fun. I once told someone it was so cold here we had to preheat our microwaves. They believed me for a few minutes. :)


There are no car companies in the UK any more either.

But we still produce the best rock n roll bands...



Nala: Not my term. I would prefer Buffalosers, but the general self esteem of the area is already pretty low.

Carl: Despite living in Canada, I went to high school in the US and believe me, Americans whose entire image of Canada is based on the movie "Strange Brew" (I don't hold it against the MacKenzies.) stops being cute after a month. Especially the expression that says "I'm clever AND I live in a better country! God I'M AWESOME!"

Mark: It would be more impressive if you guys didn't have to rip off Americans to do it. (No Beatles without Chuck Berry, no Sex Pistols or Clash without Ramones, no Amy Crackhouse without Martha and the Vandellas, etc.) OK, so post-punk was mostly you guys, but still. . .

I wouldn't know, I'm Deaf!



Nala: Now now; the 'Mericans are definitely getting better. Only one person asked me this year if the British would be celebrating Independence Day; and at least two people actually knew that the British burned the White House to the ground during the 1812 debacle.

BTW, it's a trick question; George Washington is a fictitious character and "Abraham Lincoln" was the pseudonym chosen by President Benjamin Franklin for his series of critically-acclaimed erotic novels.

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