When's the Transformers/Hellraiser crossover gonna happen?


I love to read when others have those "what the fuck" moments when it comes to adult toy collecting. It makes me feel less isolated in the collective 12 Step group we all are a part of.

I think "hyperarticulated reconfigurable paperweights" just may be my new favorite phrase too. And it'd make a kiss ass band name, no?

That said, I think it may just be the true medical name for plastic crack addiction - Articulated Reconfigurable Paperweightophilia.

In other news in my real world, I ripped the front facade of the garage off!

[Oh. And I'll get some Whogoodness out to you shortly Hoop. I've just been a bit busy.]


This new medical term must enter the dictionary and also say "see: roboplasti-bergers syndrome."
And to think I'm on the cusp of a personal toy robot milestone.
Toy robot #100 is just around the corner. There is still hope for me at this point.

Well, you already know my own feelings on the topic. At some point, I've come to realize exactly how much money I spend on things just for them to sit on a shelf, and need periodic dusting. Thankfully, the wife has always been supportive of my hobby, but having recently run numbers about my own expenditures, I was shocked. The number was in the four digits from this year alone. Rough.

But this week I've sold several things on Ebay, and came up at the end with $530 in my pocket, so it's not too bad. Slow going, though.

Straight profit. Believe it or not, I had a Japanese reissue of Soundwave that a friend wanted that ended up making me all the fees I paid on Ebay/Paypal.

For instance, would you believe that a large battered bag of Star Wars/Star Trek/Babylon 5 Micro Machines that had been in a box in my store-room went for something like $315? It's pretty crazy.

One thing I have definitely noticed however, is that most of my auctions always end up being won by people out of country. In my Ebaying time, I've sent boxes to Brazil, Canada, the UK, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Finland, and more I can't even remember. My closest proof that even rich folks use Ebay is that I once sold a small something or other (I don't even remember) to a vice president of IBM. He sent me email on official letterhead and all, thought it was neat. Of course, all that was before Ebay changed to encompass the entire process. Back then, people actually had to email each other. The gall!

I try not to think about how much I spend on toys. See, I'm not just a Transformers guy. The Transformers are actually just a small portion of my collection of action figures. From the time I started collecting action figures in the first or second grade up until the present time I've collected somewhere between 2,000-5,000 action figures and I'm seriously not kidding around or bullshitting. So I've got a bit of everything, be it Star Trek, Robocop, Batman, Marvel shit, etc. My parents' old barn is actually full of boxes and boxes of my old shit.
They said "With all the money you spent and all the money we spent on you over the years when we bought you the toys we could have bought you a brand new car twice over" and the sad thing is that's probably true. In the past eight or so months though I've been really good about NOT buying the retail store toys. I think maybe I've bought ten "retail store" action figures in the past eight or nine months and that's really good for me. See, I've come to this point where I've decided I'm more or less done with the stuff that you can just go and buy in stores. I can justify buying toys as an adult but not really so much the toys that are meant for like 8-12 year olds. I've been getting more interested in the high-end stuff for the older collectors that you can't really buy at your local Target or Toys 'R Us like the 12'' action figures that companies like Sideshow, Medicom, and Hot Toys make. I've also been getting into the more high-end Robotech and Macross stuff out there. So I'm spending as much on that stuff now as I was when I was a completist for the retail crap but the weird thing is it doesn't really feel like a waste of money the way buying the retail stuff did. I mean, for the $150 or so you can spend on something like Medicom Indy you could probably get most of the TF Animated line but to me having a more high-end display piece like Indy just doesn't really feel like a waste of money to me the way $150 worth of current TF stuff would.
But yeah, that's the way I look at spending lots of money on action figures these days. To me spending the big bucks on the more high-end stuff that actually DOES end up being displayed is nowhere near as painful or as regrettable and spending the same amount trying to get all the new Animated and Universe lines.

Nala: Who am I kidding. I'm afraid that my toy robot affliction/obsession runs too deep. More money will be spent on dust collectors.

Between the upcoming awesome Animated stuff coming out ( Ultra Magnus, Blitzwing, etc;..), my recent compulsion of getting Spychangers, AND the fact that I'm probably going to pick up the Henkei Classics Hot Rod, my 100th toy robot is coming very very soon. It now only remains a question of which it will be. Probably the Rodimus, in all his Japanese plastic chrome goodness.

Nala: Cool beans on the Spychangers.

I still need a bunch, although I guess I'm using the "need" term rather loosely.

Articulated Reconfigurable Paperweightophilia ... so that's the "disease" I have eh?

Where do I sign up for the support group/detox process?


I've got a weird twist to the whole situation...I've been collecting all sorts of things for about ten years, but money problems caused me to drop everything but SW and TF, then down to just TF (and only occassionally). Within the last year I got a new job that allows me to collect as I please again...but for some reason the "fire" is gone (or at least muted). Irony. I picked up a bunch of TF stuff I felt that I really wanted, but for some reason a lot of the new stuff is uninteresting. My six year old son now has play access to stuff I never dreamed of letting him play with, and that makes buying articulated reconfigurable paperweights fun again. It also gives me a reason to not have to give away or sell boxes of stuff I can't display...I just tell the wife "Wow, the boy really loves playing with these 'Gargoyles/Comic Characters/Star Wars/Exosquad' figs...guess we have to keep 'em".

I'm actually afraid to add up what I've spent this year in toys. I don't just collect Transformers either. I collect Batman (and other DC) and GIJOE as well. I don't buy all the bright orange and pink Batman crap though. I tend to get the ones that look normal or cool. Mostly DC Direct anymore.

I would love to unload all Marvel stuff I bought in the late 90's early 2000's. I'm not even a Marvel fan really but at the time Toybiz had some awesome stuff and I was very much addicted to Plastic Crack back then. I should really look into being an Ebay seller.

that carl guy: Brother, keep your sanity, do NOT take those Toybiz figs to your local comic/toy store. They'll pick out two or three and then they'll offer you like $10 for the rest. And that ain't each. Don't ask me how I know. :(

We have a store here, Acme Comics in Orlando FL that's the best of its kind I've ever seen. They cover four units in a small strip mall and have full collections of toys that you wouldn't believe. The store inside has like ten aisles (comics are in a separate side), and walking up and down them is literally like walking around a toy store circa 1988-1998. Hell, before I had a falling out, we used to go there, but these days I won't give 'em a dime. I was at a low cash point several years ago, brought 'em a bunch of really rare collector pieces, and the redneck hick owner (incongruous I know) was like "Way-ull, Ah'm sorrah, but I kin only give ya XXX.XX" for what was easily a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff. But hey, I had to make that car payment AND eat that month, so I took it. Two weks later, I went in there, to see them priced for more than they were worth, and bam sold them before the next time I went in. He basically made the few grand the stuff was worth.

Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, which is one of the reasons I don't really frequent those types of stores and haven't since that time. I've become really anti-"I got to Wal-Mart before you, and thus feel this toy warrants a 700% markup if you want it" stores in my later collecting years.

Sounds like you got a raw deal StormSigma. I'll take your advice.

There is a store one city over that buys collections. The guy literally looks like the comic book guy from Simpsons which is kinda funny but I don't think I'd trust him to make a deal for my stuff. Right now my Marvels live in a rubbermaid container in the laundry room. They can stay there for now I guess.

StormSigma: What a horrible story. It would've been one thing if you'd had a bunch of hard to sell, common stuff and then you get low-balled.

I used to work in a vintage record store and I used to low-ball people that had really common stuff all the time and they'd get pissed. But I never screwed people that had good stuff. I'd usually offer them the advice of selling their good stuff on eBay or give them 35-40% book value, but I'd never do the kind of thing that Acme guy did. What a wank!

That Carl Guy/AgentMorris: Thanks guys. I mean, yeah to be fair, I'd not really been the smartest I could have been about the whole thing, but I was in the worst bargaining position to be in with these sorts of situations: I was a college kid who needed the money, and they were the only game in town, as this was before Ebay was really a big thing.

But trust me, if nothing else, it was a hell of a learning experience. I haven't lost money on a trade or sale since. Like you Morris, I've never screwed people who had validly good stuff I wanted. I come from a comic book collecting background, and the going rule was always: you never screw someone because they will almost always have something you want in the future and will remember. :D

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