In lieu of Transformers content...


Yeah. I know.

I don't have much to blog about these days.


In lieu of Transformers content...


And may god have mercy on your souls.


not this time, Cookie Crook. . .

My. Brain. Just. Broke. Broken. I. Can. 't. Unsee.

My. God.

My sould just reduced by 50%.

I sense that my decision to abstain from the "viewing pleasure" above was a wise one based on the burned out eye sockets of fpt and neospark. On some things mere mortals were not meant to lay eyes!

Superconductor - wise beyond belief. At least as a mortal I know that someday that painful memory will die with me.

Reminds me of south park the movie.

"And now,here's a special report from a midget in a bikini"

I can never fap again.

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