I really need to find time to sort through this messy Crack Den.


And once in gmail I read...

I'm just writing to let you know that I'm a huge fan of your blog~!!! I'm a faithful reader and check for updates all the time. In fact, you inspired me to start up my own blog about robots. However, my angle on it is to also feature my other hobby, which is playing rock music. You should check it out as I have a few posts already set up.


If you could link me on your site, I'd really appreciate it, and I'd appreciate any feedback or advice you have for a robot fans like yourself~!

Advice? From me? Nala? Bitter and jaded Transformers collector?

Well Mr. Kang, the only advice I can share with you is finish your graduate degree and post-doc, don't buy a house near people who drink 24 hours a day, and if you do buy a house make sure your basement is sound and doesn't leak.

That's the best advice I have.


And don't waste your hard earned money on too many gay toy robots.

Get just the right about.

Not too many.

Or else... you'll end up bitter and jaded about having a shitload of toy robots you don't want.

(And the thought will go through your mind that it is easier to just throw them out than try to go through all the effort of selling them.)


That's all good advice, really.

no time to sort it all out? thinking of chucking it but just cant do it? Why not gather up a pile that your unsure about and ship it off to me ? (i will pay shipping and handling)Im already better and jaded not to mention manipulative and cynical.


Shame that you've lost the love for plastic crack, but give it some time ... you know the love for it (aka. the addiction) will return. It just takes the 'right' figure to bring you back into the fold.

wow, you really are jaded. good advice none-the-less though. your like dear abby for tf fans!

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