Did you think you'd escaped from routine by changing the script and the scene?


Victory Saber 1" Love?

C'mon Hasbro. We're talking the real Victory "Totally Kick Your Ass And Hand It Back To You On A Plate With My Sword Sticking Out Your Hole" Saber here right?



Please let it not be something else just called Victory Saber.


Seriously, you'd almost think it would kill them to make a proper figure sometimes.

How about a Universe Ultra class figure of Victory Saber??

On second thought, Hasbro would probably just make him a repaint of some kind. Just like their apparent refusal to make an original new Springer triple changing mold.

It could just be Star Sabre without the Yellow bricks hanging off his feet and back.
I'd be happy either way, Saber needs more love.

To Agentmorris, I say this: it is really odd to have two "classics" versions of Springer - one a helicopter and one an armour car. I like the Botcon version, don't get me wrong, and I like the helicopter (which will be mine because of Ratbat) but it will be weird to have them both on the Classics shelf, and even stranger when you factor in Roadbuster (who looks very close to Botcon Springer...)

But I get Cyberjet Dirge, so I don't really care...

And forget Star Sabre (I don't mean that but I do for the purposes of this reply): LASERBEAK!

fairplaythings: I just can't figure out WHY Hasbro doesn't make a new Springer mold. I thought that a lot of other TF fans really liked him.

The 2007 Botcon Springer is pretty cool, but in the end still just a repaint of Cybertron Defense Hot Shot. And the new one coming out...ehhhh...I hate the tail sections jutting out on the sides. The same reason I didn't like EVAC. That mold is sort of bollocks, IMO.

And the fact remains that there are still exactly ZERO TF Classics triple changers that are Autobots. We have Astrotrain and now Tankor (Octane), but no Springer and no Blitzwing. Odd.

Perhaps they're are waiting for the 25th Anniversary line to kick in and then many fans like myself will be satisfied. And who knows, maybe we'll see an U.S. release of a fantastic Dai Atlas at some point.

A loser can dream, can't he? :O)

You mean I can choose? I can't choose! That's the curse of completism!

(Except Dirge. Everyone loves him in this house.)

And AgentMorris, we shant see Classics Blitzwing until after Animated (if then). Hasbro doesn't want to duplicate characters across lines. So I'm guessing no Classics Jazz or Bumblebee either (and maybe no Animated Ironhide anytime soon).

Looks like Earth Three Botcon is as good as we get for a while. (Prowl gets a pass because he's "different".)

FPThings: So I'm guessing no Classics Jazz or Bumblebee either

We already have Classics bumblebee.

I could have sworn that I read somewhere that Hasbro intends to release ALL the original G1 triplechangers in the Classics 2/0/Universe line sometime ...

Which would mean a triple-changer Springer would be coming soon.

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