Wow! All kinds of bad craziness in the emails today.


I also received this email (exactly as shown).


We ( e-Hobby Shop ) are internet shopping for Transformer funs in Japan.
My name is K_Ootsuka, managing e-Hobby Shop Divisition.
Now we are making "Link " to introduce "World wide Transformer Sight "
for Japanese funs.

And I found Your Homepage, named PLADTIC CRACK COM
Would you Link each other?
I think, Transformer funs of bothside, will be more interest in it.

Best regards
Part One Co., Ltd.
e-Hobby Shop Division
Manager K_Ootsuka

I'm assuming it really is from e-Hobby. That's kinda cool.

I replied back and tried to use Google's translator feature. Teen Jesus knows that the hell it ended up reading like.

Now I loves me some e-Hobby. I can't even calculate the amount of money I've spent on e-Hobby stuff over the years.

I'd really like that Omega Sentinel repaint but damn, I just don't know. Maybe if I finish the garage repairs I'll treat myself to more plastic.

I received Giga's Twitter earlier "Target has new Classics and leader Bulkhead, Megs. " and was like... yeah. That's nice.

I just don't want to spent the money on toys right now.

The love? The love? Why have you abandoned me?


Maybe if you help promote e-hobby, they'll send you some sample preview figures????

Do it for the "funs," Nala! :O)

Wow, I was contacted by the first guy, too, but not the second guy. Now I feel like an eFailure.

I'd demand proof from the e-Hobby guy..."I ain't linkin' nothin' until I see an Omega Sentinel on my doorstep."

I hope some modest amount of the love will return.

Japanese girls in uniforms might follow the link to come and visit you! It is all about the Japanese funs :)

Hope you get some cool e-hobby stuff.

i thought it was pladtic crack net.

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