Screw it!


You know something?

Screw it!

Not only do I want Susan back!

I want John and Gillian made canon and I want Kroton and Frobisher too!

Kroton would totally work in a couple-parter in the new Who! And Frobisher, which technically more expensive to do, would be great in a minor role. Kid's would totally eat this shit up! (So would I!)

And think about it... if the Gallifreyans and Time Lords are all supposedly extinct, what irony that the only Gallifreyans that (somehow) exist other than the Doctor are his grandchildren, who have to essentially recreate the race.

There's so much awesomeness to bring in from the non-TV material!

C'mon BBC... c'mon Steven Moffat... I know you've got the balls!!!

I quadruple dog dare you!


This is completely unrelated, but I know I've talked about trying to cut back....BUT. I couldn't help myself. I was in a Wal-Mart today, and found all three new Universe figures. I couldn't stop myself, as quickly as my eyes saw their names (Sunstreaker Tankor, and Prowl), my hands flew out and swooped them up.

It was all quite beyond my control.

@StormSigma: I found them last week, they are pretty sweet. Although, like many others, the paint job on Prowl was pretty poor. I hope Silverstreak turns out better.

Back on topic: I caught the next-to-last episode of Doctor Who this weekend, I think it was called "Left Turn". Very cool story!! I was impressed. Can't wait for the season finale - something Nala commented on awhile back.

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