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So it was a rainy grey and relatively cool Independence Day.

The early afternoon was all about the usual Doo Dah Parade and Browning cookout.

It pretty much rained the entire parade but I was impressed with the number of people that watched from the sidelines as well as participated. The weather sure wasn't inviting.

Came home and then went across the street to the block cookout.

Apparently, every year J. buys and blows up thousands of firecrackers.

He had this 25-30 ft roll of about 16,000 firecrackers.

It took about 6 minutes to blow the entire roll.

Hell... my camera even ran out of space at 4 minutes.

After that, I briefly stopped by Carina and Skippy's party but they were all heading down to Whetstone for the fireworks.

Not one for big crowds, I did my usual anti-social thing while Giga went with them.

Yeah. I came home and went to bed.

Fun, ain't I?

So much fun that my July 5th will consist of cutting up hundreds of branches and placing them in compost bags all the while waiting for the BBC to air the series finale of Doctor Who "Journey's End".


I is the lame.

On more levels than any human can possibly imagine.


Journey's End was...


Utterly, utterly INSANE!


I took a look at your pics from the Doh Dah parade over at Flicker and didn't know what the deal was with the people in the costumes or what the parade was about so just did a net search and got the info from Wikipedia. Was is the lady with the big bush supposed to represent? Women with a big bush against Bush? :)

Er, damn grammar errors. I meant to type "WHAT is the lady with the big bush supposed to represent?" This is why I should always click "preview" before "submit." :)

Well, the same weather you had blew into to Balmor, but at least that lady in your top picture didn't. . .

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