The tackling of the paper crack!


Let me change topics for a post or two.

If you read this here pointless blog or any of my other sites you'll know that I'm currently in the process of purging myself of thousands of comic books from the past 30 years.

I've read comics since I was about 6-years-old and unfortunately, the paper crack really accumulated over the years. It didn't help that I worked in a comic store in Toledo back in the 80s and I also frequently did comic conventions and crap like that.

After all these years the comics have just become a massive burden that takes up space in my life, not to mention valuable storage space in the Attic of Love.

Well I started pulling them out of the boxes and trying to sort them at least into some larger groups by company and or "family".

So much paper crack!

Let me just say... what a pain in the ass it is sorting 30 years of comics!!!

I've pulled out some awesomely crazy shit today.

Some highlights:

The Micronauts will always holds a special place in my heart.

My all-time personal favorite comic from Marvel probably has to be The Micronauts. Issue #21 (above) is the first issue I remember ever buying and all these years later I still wish this series would have been animated. It really would have made a fantastic cartoon series as long as it wouldn't have been kiddified.

Black and white alternative press

Recently I had my first encounter with furry stuff on the net and I actually came across some of the comics that go back the the early furry thing. Omaha The Cat Dancer was surprisingly good even though it had lots of explicit cat-people sex. Albedo was very popular back in the day and this is the issue 0 of the series.

When comics used to rock!

"Who is Wonder Girl?" and "The Great Darkness Saga" from the 80s New Teen Titans and The Legion of Super-Heroes still rock the balls of awesomeness. I'm actually looking forward to rereading a lot of this bygone era greatness.

The first appearance of the awesome Beta Ray Bill

Back in the early 80s Marvel's Thor sucked horribly. And then in issue #337 writer-artist Walt Simonson totally ripped the book apart and brought to it a level of sophistication and beauty that it so badly needed. Plus... he gave me Beta Ray Bill (above), one of the greatest Marvel characters of the era!

The Justa Lotta Animals rock!!!

Few if any of you under 30 probably remember Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, a very silly funny little comic by Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw! from the early 80s.

In two parody issues the Zoo Crew met the JLA of Earth-C-Minus, aka the Just'a Lotta Animals. The panel above is stuff one of my favorite JLA "Satellite Era" feeling panels ever. (larger version)

Once again, here's a series that Time Warner needs to revisit in animation! You cannot tell me that both kids and nostalgic adults would not love this!!! Throw in the Earth-C-Minus trip and you've got gold!!!

If it had someone from Earth-2 in it I loved it!

Another thing you probably don't know about in regards to my comics love is that I'm an Earth-2/Golden Age character junkie.

Even as a kid, the mainstream Earth-1 characters from the Silver Age and even the early 80s just never appealed to me.

Throw in The Huntress or the Earth-2 Robin (above covers) and I bought it and devoured it!

Of course, Crisis on Infinite Earths killed them off, crushing my then 15-year-old comic loving self.

Oh well. So much paper crack to clear out!

I may post some more just for fun.

And since there's very little plastic crack action going on in my life.


Hey, if you're getting rid of them, I'm interested in the Titans stuff.

What do you have? Are you selling any comics? Please contact me if you are. I need quite a few Transformers and G.I. Joe to complete the series.

Shad0w: I don't have much in the TF/GIJoe area. I never could stand much of the Marvel TF comic and I don't read the current one.

I got rid of most of my Marvel Joe stuff a decade ago.

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