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You didn't think I spent the last 8 months slaving away rebuilding my basement walls to actually clean up the space did you?

Hell no!

I did it so I could move comics down there!!!

All the comics have been moved to the basement.

I moved them down since I figured it was better than having them all over the dining room.

At least I can try and do the sorting at my own leisurely pace after I finish remodeling the back bedroom, which happens to be a major cluster fuck at the moment since I've learned I totally suck balls at taping and mudding drywall!

Anyway, I give you what literally has to be the gayest comic book cover ever: Marvel Comics' Rawhide Kid #2.

The gayest comic book cover... ever!

I don't remember ever reading this. Apparently we bought at least one or two issues. I have no idea why since I can't stand westerns.


I think they only made 2 issues? We picked it up to see what the fuss was about, as it was supposedly gay and explicit content. Turns out it was just stupid stereotypes and nothing more offensive than an early Will & Grace episode.

Ugh! I forgot how much I hate Will and Grace until you mentioned it.

I think it is safe to assume this will be going in the "get rid of as soon as possible" pile.

Wow. Thems alot of comics. However this is substantially more gay....... There are many more gems to be had at this site.

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