Alternator Mirage


Alternator Mirage

I came across a Mirage today. He's the first I've ever seen in the wild.

And man is his quality poor. His face vents are damaged (see above) and there's glue on certain parts that made him really hard to transform.

The face damage is a shame though since I consider his head sculpt to be one of the, if not the best, Transformer heads ever done.

Mirage is the 1795th bot added to the Attic of Love.


Mine came with both mirrors busted off

Sucks that he's got a dueling scar.

Meijers are good for catching up though, they tend to display more stock than Walmart but very few people seem to realise they have a toy section, so a lot of it is from several waves back.

BTW, on the wild sightings front, I finally caught sight of a Menasor! And the local TRU (that bastion of time magic) is now warming its shelves with Quickmixes... which is funny, because something like eight rows of pegs are empty now in the Xmas rush. ^_^

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