Podcast: Testing the Lameness



I'm not to the level of wanting to do pod casts yet but I've done a few vblogs I plan to post soon (starting today).

I haven't really gotten into the idea of podcasts yet in general. I think it's more because I know I'll end up obsessed with them. I can play my MP3 player through my car now so I have a good excuse to start downloading a regularly updated regime of them but on the other hand I can't stand professional talk rado on the orning drive much less some random people babbling about toys or video games.

Well. All I can say is mine will be of the utmost quality. I will endeavor to put the highest level of effort into each and everyone! :-)

Dude, you should so do one. Actually I'm in no place to tell others to podcast as I've let mine lapse in the past months. Seriously though, screw other sites and news and junk, talking about your collection, why you bought particular ones, etc., all the stuff that you're putting into the blog is reason enough to listen.

It's like the diference between reviewing movies and posting about a paragraph or two of plot or just writing about why that movie. I'd always lean towards the latter because it's more interesting than people repeating junk. Even if your personal views seem repeated in fandom, it's still cool to hear it individually.

I don't know.

Cool podcast... I've always wanted to do a podcast but don't know what do to it off.... maybe I'll do a podcast about different TF sites and their owners who do podcasts... hmmmm

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