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So I continue to sort tons of paper crack down in the dining room. There's no place to even put up holiday ornaments since I've pretty much taken over the whole room.

Yay! I found them!

El McBeardo will be happy to know I found the trades of Alan Moore's Supreme he lent me (above).

How to make the Micronauts suck

How do you make some of my favorite characters of all time suck? Reintroduce the ones the toys were based on in a new series that has nothing remotely to do with the Marvel one of the 70s. God this book was awful.

Darwyn Cooke + Selina Kyle = Love. Much love.

Darwyn Cooke + Selina Kyle = Love.

Do you remember Obnoxio The Clown vs The X-Men?

Do any of you remember this gem? Of course not!

However, Obnoxio The Clown vs. The X-Men should be the basis for a 4th film.

Thank you Bill Siekiewicz for blowing my then 14-year-old mind.

In 1984 my then young mind was blown away by the acid trip illustration of Bill Sienkiewicz. He turned a mediocre super-hero book into one of the most beautiful bits of art of the era. He forever changed my expectation on what a comic should, and could look like.

Starman. The best comic of the 90s

Jack Knight. Starman. The best book of my late 20s.


LOVE Starman. So beautifully drawn/written... Damn. Must go find them at my Mother's. Probably been given away to the hospital, just like all my Star Wars toys from the 70s/80s were! That coulda bought me a house now!



I would just like to brag that I own the official best comic ever. It features Spiderman vs Powdered Toast Man.

I am excited. I can't wait to re-read them.

But wait, when did I become Hispanic? I'm Black Irish, so I guess that counts, kinda, but still. . .

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