Wow! It arrived.


Holy crap. My copy of the 20th Anniversary DVD of Transformers The Movie came today.

I didn't really expect one to arrive.

Emails outta the blue like that rarely pan out.


I think that's two out of 4 known people with this offer that have gotten thier disc. Maybe I'll get one after all.

Cool. I received it from the other week (thank god for the weak dollar. Worked out to about 12 quid with p&p. Me Happy!)

The only gripe I have with it, is the closed captions are sodding awful!


Yeah, I got my copy on the 4th as well. I assume you got one from M80 maybe? You think they'd get these out earlier, I even stupidly reminded the guy in hope that I wouldn't have to plunk down $15, and now I have two because I did plunk down $15 when it took him an extra month.

I did get my Greatest American Hero DVD set in record time though, so may it's just the one contact...

Shawn: Yeah. That's the one. I even emailed him weeks ago and he said something about "it being on its way". I'm shocked it arrived.

How is the 20th Anniversary DVD differ from the previous releases? Did it include a trailer to the upcoming movie in 2007? I cannot wait for that flick.

There is no trailer for the live action film yet. I think it is supposed to be released in theatres later this month.

I haven't watched it yet but I'm told there's a lot of commentaries, some miscellaneous toy commercials, and stuff like that.

Shad0w - The new version has both the fullscreen version (previously available, that has the full animated area visibile in frame) and the widescreen version (the theatrical version cropped from the full screen version), both of which have been restored and color corrected. The supplemental material is pretty much commentaries, TV commercials and about 30 minutes of interviews on the making of the flick, nothing new to fans of the film.

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